The fifth round of the Sinisalo League was driven at Hyvinkää’s Vauhtipuisto on 4th of August 2012. Vauhtipuisto is a sand track so the rain on previous evening and night had watered the track to offer nice conditions for the day’s race.
The race day started with dark clouds in the sky but as the day passed further the temperature got up to pretty sweaty degrees. It seemed that the holiday season was already over as the rider’s meeting started already at 8 o’clock and the race day was over well before 6 pm. There was also a rare occasion of having atleast all the top five riders in the Sinisalo League C/B class overall standings riding in the same round.
Hyvinkää track was put up into great condition and the junior riders got to ride on a nice and hilly track which also offered the groud to follow the race with an ease. Matias would have liked to have more trails and steaper jumps on the track. He also got his team to hold their breath in the pits.
In the morning Matias was not satisfied with his bike so we saw a bit nervous young man in the first moto. Despite the a bit nervous riding Matias took the second place.
In the second moto Matias chose the starting place from the inside and managed to get a good start. After the start straight Matias crossed the holeshot mark first and thus winning the KTM Holeshot Award in the second moto. We saw Matias driving relatively smoothly and crossing the finish line second. The value of the second place was put in to new perspective when the annoyed rider told that he had riden the moto without a working clutch!
With the two second positions, Matias took the second place over all in the Hyvinkää race.
After the Hyvinkää race, Matias will return back to normal routines with the school semester and swimming training starting. The fitness training gets a nice start as Matias’ swimming club (Swimming Club Nurmijärvi) will arrange a swimming camp at Piispala.
The last race of the Sinisalo League 2012 will be driven at Imatra on 20th of September.
Communications Team Matias Murto

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